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Manufacturer, Editor and integrator of mobile robotics solutions for logistics 4.0
E-Cobot is an industrial company based in Nantes (44). We are a supplier of a whole range of mobile robots at the service of Human for flexible and reconfigurable logistics in the sectors of manufacturing industry, logistics, Retail / GMS and Health establishments.
Our promise is to save you between 10 to 16 km/day and per operator (with a robot), which allows them to refocus their activity on added value tasks.

1 - Catalog of standard products (HUSKY range) to ensure the logistics flows of industrial sites
- Supply shuttles between the store/stock and the production lines
- Small logistics trains,
- Digitized Kanban
- Evacuation of finished products
HUSKY is a range of 12 autonomous and follower mobile robots.
They can carry up to 250 kg, tow 1 ton or even move pallets.

2 - MyCobot Suite Software Suite - WCS (Warehouse Control System)
for the configuration, supervision and management of multi-brand AMR fleets allowing interconnection with the existing installation of our customers

3 - Service catalog
for support, installation, commissioning, support, manufacturer maintenance and end-of-life management of products

Find our use case and customer project videos here:


  • Software
  • Finished products - Objects - Robots - UAVs
  • IoT Integration
  • Robotic / Cobotic Integration
  • Mecatronics

Company Activitys

  • Retail / Distribution
  • Industry / Manufacturing
  • Supply chain / Logistics


  • IoT / Robotics projects industrialization
  • Systems interoperability
  • Process optimization
  • Collaborative robotics
  • Supply Chain

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