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4 rue de la République
69001 LYON
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FactoVia is a company that help democratize the concept of the 'industry of the Future' and eases the transition to 'industry 4.0' for industrials, and reach the status of eco-responsible industry.
We are specialized in:
1. selling or renting of a set of educational materials recognized as innovative and intended to support a rapid transition to industry 4.0 (for industries, training centers or simply youngsters and parents).
2. helping industrials to network with other industrials and find already proven solutions, and avoid traps.
3. providing a "steering committee" made up of recognized worldwide experts from different backgrounds, in order to challenge the company's Industry 4.0 strategy.

We have invented in particular a mini-factory which faithfully reproduces a real factory (industrial standards, industrial equipment, security constraints, etc.) and which FINALLY makes it possible to understand the nebulous concepts of "future of factories / industries".

This makes it possible to implement these principles iteratively, for example reducing environmental impacts with either monitoring real-time and adjustment of energy consumption (gas, water, electricity, etc.), or getting equipment insights IN REAL-TIME for saving money on maintenance.
Side effects : by democratizing these innovations, youngsters and their parents will change their views about the dirty and polluting old-industries, and contributes in reindustrialization.

We focus on REAL use cases in high demand in industry, which are simple to understand, BUT we do not immediately enter the sometimes complex notions of industry 4.0 (Cloud, industrial IoT, IoT Edge, blockchain, security, BigData, digital twins, Artificial Intelligence, GDPR, ISO 9001...).


  • IoT Integration
  • Research and education
  • Open source
  • Cloud Platform / data Analytics / Data visualisation
  • Edge Computing

Company Activitys

  • Aerospace / Defence / Security
  • Energy / Utilities
  • Industry / Manufacturing


  • IoT / Robotics projects industrialization
  • Immersive learning
  • Innovation strategy / Roadmap 4.0
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Connected equipment management (Asset tracking)

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