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Motorisation Adamant-Namiki pour RoBoHoN de SHARP

Robotics - 2018/11/02

At this time when humans began to coexist with robots, many small robots were put on the market. Some may do work, hold a conversation, monitor rooms, or connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi and provide data. There are many ways robots can contribute to our lives.

Adamant Namiki has developed a servo-micromechanism for a small robot. So that this motor is perfectly adapted to each articulation of the robot, an innovative compact design has been realized by assembling: the motor, the reducer and the other key elements of a precise and optimized way in a very restricted space.

What’s more, to increase reliability, the micro-mechanism has a new decoupling system that prevents the internal elements from being damaged by an unexpected external force. The mechanism also features a non-contact potentiometer and a Φ10mm brushless motor for longer life.



Namiki is a Japanese DC coreless and brushless motor manufacturer, focusing on small sizes, which is represented in France by TSA. TSA has been selling high-tech components and systems for driving and positioning in France for 30 years: DC and BL micromotors, stepper and fractional motors, as well as the associated single or multi-axes controllers.

Namiki, which headquarters are located in Tokyo, has production units in Aomori (Japan), but also in Thaïland. The company has business all over the world and subsidiaries in the USA, Germany and Switzerland. Namiki is ISO 9001, 13485 and 14001 certified. The different fields of activity of the company are robotics, optics, photonics, biotechnologies, and in the future nanomaterials and space applications.

Namiki products offer not only competitive prices, but also performances and advanced technology, which allow them to meet the requirements of professional applications with customised solutions, providing high quality, reliability, modularity, and of course the undeniable Japanese know-how.

The relevant applications are many: analysis and measurement equipment, optronics, medical (endoscopes and catheters with the 0.9mm motor), position control for image sensor, pick & place machine, micro robots, access control, camera and video camera optic motorisation, cosmetics (tattoo and manicure equipment), drones…

History of Namiki Group

1939 : Foundation in Tokyo, with the production of synthetic sapphire jewel bearing for measuring instruments, watches, radio and phonograph equipment

1972 : Development of the production of rare-earth magnets by selective laser sintering.

1973 : Development of the then world’s smallest coreless motor with a diameter of 10mm.

1983 : Established NJC Technological Research Institute integrated the company’s R&D forces.

2004 : Development of the world’s smallest Metallic Glass micro-geared motor with a diameter of 1.5mm

2010 : Opening of Namiki Precision of Europe SA (business and R&D division) in Lausanne, Switzerland

Product range:

Namiki’s large product range now includes the CMS (Coreless Motor Standard) and BMS (Brushless Motor Standard) series. The current BL motor range offers diameters between 2mm and 22mm (with gear), and the DC range between 7mm and 18mm. Optical and magnetical encoders can be integrated from the size 7mm (2 or 3 canals with 64 puls/rotation) and then for the diameter 10 and 12mm (2/3 canals and up to 512 puls/rotation).

Namiki gears are metal planetary gears. We offer a low backlash range (SPG). For some application, the patented dyNALOX model (size 7 and 12mm) is a self-locking gear that allows to safely maintain the reached position without power, even with vibrations. A brake or a worm gear is then not needed.

News :

Namiki extended range now includes more products!

–          4-poles motors (C4 or B4 series), with improved performances in comparison with the 2-poles models: +30% flow, -35% current, -60% time constant, and torque multiplied by 1.65

–          High-speed motors (BNM series) with ceramic bearings, low heating and vibration, speed 40,000 to 90,000 rpm

–          Servo-micromotors (BRS-BRT series) from 12 to 17mm diameter,

–          Motors with high-mass power for drones

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