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Our CSR approach


A “work in progress” CSR strategy at the heart of the organisation of our trade shows

Since 2020, several initiatives have been put in place by the Infopro Digital Trade Shows teams to limit the impact of our events on the environment.

The aim of this continuous improvement approach is to offer you ever more responsible shows and to create a virtuous ecosystem in close collaboration with our exhibitors, visitors and partners, in order to improve our environmental responsibility.



  • Publication of a “Sorting instructions” document to explain the sorting rules to be applied at the event.
  • Circulation of the document to exhibitors and stand staff in advance of the event.
  • Individual meetings with each stand operator at the show to provide information and explanations.




  • Reinforcement of the environmental aspect in our choice of service providers: materials used, signage, eco-design, waste management, reuse and lifespan of stands, etc.
  • New storage/reuse policy: special manufacture of stands and furniture to be shared and reused at several of the Group’s trade shows (target of at least 10 rotations)
  • 100% LED stand lighting: previously halogen, LEDs could reduce the environmental impact by 85% (source ADEME)
  • No carpet in aisles and communal areas: With 4,000 m2 of aisles and communal areas without carpet, SIDO avoids 48 tonnes of CO2 emissions (based on 12kg/m2 of CO2 estimated by the Construction 21 association and ADEME).



  • Choice of a committed service provider: the show’s long-standing partnership with LE COUSU, a family-run business on a human scale that is committed to a number of areas: waste reduction, sorting and recycling of surplus food, eco-friendly packaging and reusable crockery, 100% local and seasonal sourcing.
  • Combating food waste: The show benefits from partnerships set up with the Lyon Convention Centre. The Chainon Manquant recovers several thousand meals each year (3,500 in 2019),
  • Installation of 5 sorting streams (CIW / paper-cardboard / plastics) in the aisles.
  • Installation of glass collectors in bars and restaurants,
  • Recovery of glass in the evening (deposited by exhibitors at the edge of the aisles),
  • Composting food waste and recycling it as part of a circular economy, in partnership with AIDEN.
  • Use of compostable packaging for catering.



  • Raising awareness of low-impact modes of transport: All exhibitors and visitors are being made aware of the need to use low-impact modes of transport.
  • Integration of “transport management” criteria in the choice of service providers: Reduction in the number of semi-trailers by 50% thanks to optimised transport by our subcontractor.
  • Introduction of a free car-sharing solution for visitors and exhibitors at the show, in partnership with MOBICOOP, a free, commission-free and cooperative car-sharing solution.



  • Collection of lanyards and badge holders.
  • Recovery of PVC tarpaulins: Thanks to the partnership between Lyon for Events and Ecopack Solutions, PVC tarpaulins are recovered and transformed into “made in Auvergne” packaging. 1m2 of tarpaulin = 3 packages made = 24 boxes saved
  • The Congress Center has a number of local partnerships: Corepile (batteries eco-organisation) – Recylum (lamps) – Valdelia (furniture waste) – Ecologic (waste electrical and electronic equipment) – Ecopack Solution (recovery of PVC tarpaulins)
  • Recovery of scrap cotton from partitions by the Cagibig association: almost 1,500m2
  • Recovery of all pallets by Cagibig
  • Recycling of stand carpets
  • Waste sorting and recovery :
    • Cardboard/paper > recycling > Paprec Recyclage 
    • Wood > recovery > Valdelia
    • Plastics > recycling > Paprec Recyclage
    • Glass > recycling > Paprec Recyclage
    • Metals > recycling > Paprec Recyclage


Thanks to our partners

PAPREC RECYCLAGE Recycle, Upcycle, Invent
ECOPACK SOLUTIONS The reusable e-commerce parcel
MOBICOOP Commission-free and cooperative car-sharing
VALDELIA Guaranteeing the second life of products
CAGIBIG Equipment pooling

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