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3 questions to Energous

IoT - Robotics - 2022/08/30

3 questions to Gordon BELL, Vice President of Corporate Communications at Energous Corporation

Meet the Energous team on booth W314 at SIDO Lyon 2022

Can you present your company?

Energous is unleashing the full potential of IoT through Wireless Power Networks. 

Energous is a fabless semiconductor and systems supplier for RF Wireless Power Networks that enables batteryless IoT and enhanced power levels to support AI edge device deployment. Our RF-based WattUp Wireless Power Network technology is regulatory-approved in the European Union, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, China, and India. The company received the world’s first FCC Part 18 certification for at-a-distance wireless charging and has been awarded more than 200 patents for its WattUp® technology.

Our goal is simple: To power everything from the critical tools and devices that keep factories running to the instruments and wearables that monitor patient health – wirelessly. Our next-generation technology — built atop innovative engineering and backed by hundreds of patents — supports a near-limitless range of applications without the need for cumbersome charging cables and ports that limit innovation and are prone to failure. WattUp delivers advanced capabilities and design flexibility to global manufacturers who are building the latest IoT devices for industrial, retail, medical applications and more.

What solutions will you present at the SIDO?

Energous will be demonstrating a batteryless Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) deployment along other wireless power solutions including Energous’ new Wireless Energy Harvesting Evaluation Kit. This kit includes a dedicated 6-inch transmitter that emits 1W of conducted power in a specific area or direction via its RF-based, WattUp wireless power technology. This RF-based energy is harvested by Energous-enabled receiving devices, which can be combined with RF energy harvesting IC technology from e-peas. Energous’ 1W energy harvesting solution allows multiple devices to be simultaneously charged from a single transmitter, which can also act as a data link for connected IoT devices such as sensors, Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs), IoT tags, batteryless devices and more. Multiple WattUp PowerBridge transmitters can be meshed together to create a WattUp wireless power network covering unlimited distances for large footprint deployments such as retail stores, industrial warehouses, manufacturing plants, logistics hubs and more.

What is the contribution of your solution in the field of industry?

Wireless Power Networks are poised to be the backbone of IoT and Energous is leading the way with our award-winning WattUp technology. With announced deployments in the retail sector already, Energous is powering and energizing batteryless IoT devices such as Wiliot Pixels which in retail clothing deployments,  capture important information such as stock integrity (in-store inventory, location) as well as which sizes are bring tried on and purchased. The same wireless power network can also power other IoT sensors such as CO2 sensors for air quality control, RF trackers, ESLs and more.


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