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491 Rue Charles Nungesser
Batiment Télécom II
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Cortus is a French fabless semiconductor manufacturing group, headquartered in Mauguio (near Montpellier, France). Cortus provides IC devices from a simple MCU to a high-end SoC based around its broad IP portfolio which includes processor, digital, analog, mixed-signal, RF and security IP;  in many areas such as Automotive, IoT/5G NB-IoT, Edge Computing and Industrial. Over 14 billion devices have been manufactured containing Cortus processors and IP and 1.2 billion units shipped per year.

Cortus is a Platinum Founding Member of the RISC-V Foundation and strategic member of RISC-V International.


  • IoT Integration
  • Open source
  • Hardware components

Company Activitys

  • Aerospace / Defence / Security
  • Agriculture / Agri-food
  • Industry / Manufacturing

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