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How to pick the right battery for IoT devices

use case - 2023/07/28


The art of profiling and emulating batteries, and calculating IoT battery life

In the world of IoT and battery-powered devices, understanding how your device consumes energy is not just beneficial, it’s essential. Battery performance dictates the efficiency and effectiveness of your device, ultimately impacting its real-world functionality. However, to gain this understanding, we must dig deeper into the device’s interactions with its power source: the battery.

Welcome to this comprehensive webinar where we will not only measure a device’s energy consumption but also use this data to profile the battery based on the device’s usage.

But, we won’t stop there. This information will then be used to emulate the battery, creating a digital twin that accurately reflects the physical battery’s characteristics and behaviour under various conditions.

Finally, we’ll then delve into the tricky realm of battery life estimation. Using our profiling and emulation, we aim to offer accurate, data-driven predictions for your IoT device’s battery life.

Join us in this comprehensive, hands-on exploration of energy consumption, battery profiling, emulation, and life estimation, as we uncover the intricate relationship between a device and its battery, and learn how to optimize it for the best performance.

Watch the webinar here:

The set-up:

IoT device: Particle Argon

Power profiling tool: Otii Ace Pro (Pro software)

Battery profiling and emulation: Otii Ace Pro and Otii Battery Toolbox


GP Ultra Plus AAA alkaline 1000-1200mA

MicroE LiPo lithium-ion battery, 190 mA

Analyzed for three different temperatures: -10, 20 and 50 degrees Celcius

The presenter: Björn Rosqvist (Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Qoitech)

Björn is Qoitech’s power expert, Chief Product Officer and a HW engineer with 20+ years of experience in power electronics, automotive and telecom (ABB, Volvo Cars, Ericsson, Flatfrog, Sony). Björn has a Master of Science degree in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering from Linköping University in Sweden. His focus lies on design and verification and he specializes in low-power design and batteries.


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