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3 Questions to Endrich


Can you tell us about your company?

For 45 years, Endrich has been an independent European distributor of value-added sub-assemblies and components, supporting its industrial customers in their electronic projects. With a turnover of over €150 million, Endrich has built up lasting partnerships with customers and suppliers in the demanding and varied worlds of industry and the automotive sector. Thanks to its 20 regional sales offices, Endrich offers personalised advice and design assistance for all standard and specific products. Endrich is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified.



What solutions will you be presenting at SIDO?

We will be presenting how we can set up an IoT network to get associated data from sensor to cloud.

Integrating NeoCortec’s low power wireless ad hoc mesh network technology to the Endrich IoT Ecosystem offers a smart sensor networking solution, which goes with highly scalable, long service life, independent, battery driven set of nodes. Instead of direct sensor to cloud communication with several parallel connections to the Endrich CDB, it is enough to have an industry safe, sub-gigahertz local mesh with a single gateway to the cellular network. This solution supports amongst others predictive maintenance, environmental parameter monitoring and security surveillance of industrial equipment at much lower cost, higher reliability with longer battery lifetime and elevates the robustness of the sensor network in harsh environment.



Do you have a concrete example of how your solution is being used?

Today we can effectively demonstrate how to call on IoT technology to help industrial heater installation by realizing real-time temperature mapping of an industrial hall, and the way to use the same solution for supporting predictive maintanence of these heaters. The system goes with dedicated gateways being responsible for data routing to the Endrich Cloud Database using the cellular network based LPWA solutions (NB-IoT and/or LET-M). The gateway devices are offering additional  air quality monitoring and power consumption logging functions.

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