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3 Questions to Cavli Wireless




Could you offer some insights into Cavli Wireless?

Cavli Inc., headquartered in San Jose, California, is revolutionizing the cellular IoT industry with its disruptive hardware and cloud solutions. Cavli develops a wide range of cellular IoT modules that feature in-built cloud and connectivity solutions to simplify IoT design, development, and deployment for customers. All of Cavli’s smart cellular modules come with eSIM integration and access to the proprietary cloud-based platform, Cavli Hubble, which provides centralized subscription management and simplified device management, along with affordable global LTE, LPWAN, and 5G connectivity out-of-the-box. Cavli’s commitment to quality and innovation has earned it a reputation as a trusted partner for businesses worldwide seeking to unlock the full potential of IoT. For more information, please visit



What are the solutions that will be presented at SIDO Lyon 2023?

Cavli Wireless, located at stand E100, will be presenting our premier C-Series collection of eSIM-integrated smart IoT connectivity modules. Designed for extended field durability and requiring minimal field support, the C-Series modules are perfect for IoT product developers aiming to swiftly design and introduce cellular devices across various segments and regions globally. Their compact design, combined with network switching and fallback options, as well as seamless global deployment, positions the C-Series as a top choice among IoT OEMs. In addition to the C-Series modules, the Cavli Wireless C-Series DDK (Device Development Kit) will be on display. This enhanced C-Series DDK equips users with versatile product development and assessment tools for numerous use cases involving Cavli C-Series Smart Mini PCIe Modules. Furthermore, the DDK offers users comprehensive OpenCPU access to Cavli Smart Modules, complete with the essential GPIOs and interfaces for product experimentation and development.

To learn more about the C-Series eSIM integrated smart connectivity IoT modules, please visit



Based on your product’s technology, what makes it unique?

The Cavli Wireless IoT Tech Stack provides modem intelligence that enables absolute remote diagnostics of deployed devices, which is key to accelerated scaling for Smart Connected solutions. Cavli Wireless is the world’s first IoT solution enabler that has made its mark on the global IoT market by implementing an all-in-one smart IoT solution packaged into the world’s first subscription-based pricing model. This allows Cavli to implement smart connectivity solutions for customers seamlessly and without the initial setup headaches that the competitors take more time & effort to navigate.

While the Integrated SIM feature of Cavli modules results in a smaller product footprint, reduced inventory & simplified operations for the customer OEM, the even greater value addition is the Hubble stack running on the Cavli modules This allows customers to remotely monitor module performance, check and reconfigure their payment plans, and gain access to deep diagnostics from any part of the world.

Taking the case of one of our direct competitors – an established traditional enterprise in IoT connectivity hardware, their business model is heavily built around their hardware module, while for us our hardware modules are positioned alongside the controlling center of our solution suite- Cavli Hubble which is the brain that helps truly scale IoT enablement for an OEM.


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