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Experience innovation differently! SIDO is strengthening its leadership in Europe on the convergence of IoT, AI, Robotics and XR technologies! Breaking down the barriers between these technological spheres, SIDO brings together ecosystems, sparks innovation and supports companies in making their increasingly intelligent connected and autonomous projects a reality.

Take part in Europe’s largest B2B showroom for strategic decision-makers in innovation and business operations:

September 3 & 4, 2020 in Lyon, France.

A brand-new response to the unprecedented technological and organizational challenges that all industrial and service companies are facing.


Did you know?

> An estimated 36 billion objects will be connected worldwide in 2030. The market is expected to continue to grow rapidly: global IoT spending is expected to reach €920 billion in 2022, with an average annual growth rate of 11% over 2019-2022. (Source: Bearing Point)

> The global artificial intelligence market, which accounted for $4.8 billion in 2017, is expected to grow tenfold by 2022-2023, and forecast to reach almost $90 billion in revenues in 2025. (Source: Statista)

> The number of active service robots worldwide is expected to reach 264.3 million by 2026, an average annual growth rate of 24%. (Source: Idate)


Nicolas BOHY

Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Assemblée Nationale

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Primavera  DE FILIPPI



Human Works Design




Designswarm Industries


Cybersecurity Expert

Olivier  EZRATTY

Consultant & author


Hyperloop TT






WTWH Media

Gaspard KOENIG

Génération Libre


Université de Tokyo

David  ROSE

MIT Media Lab






Heavy-Duty machines: Square The Circle Of Lifetime And UX

This article is proposed by WITEKIO Witekio has been working with heavy-duty vehicle and machine manufacturers for years. Whether lifting machines or trucks, bulldozers, or shovels, in the mines or in the fields, it’s a sector flush with challenges and a strong demand for strategic software innovation. There are four key challenges that the heavy-duty industry faces today :  1. Growing user experience expectations to align with user “B2C” standard Like all other sectors of the economy, manufacturers of heavy-duty vehicles and machines meet ...

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Vending Machines: Touchless User Experience

This article is proposed by WITEKIO The days of the scratched, beat-up vending machine are long gone. Today vending machines are more connected, user focused, and smarter than ever. The user experience reigns supreme and creates opportunities to engage consumers and improve their buying experience. Witekio has worked with vending machine companies for years and understands that, even with these advances, there remain challenges that the right embedded software can address. Vending machine manufacturers had long sought avenues to differentiate themselves from ...

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NeurEco© embeds complex AI algorithms on small devices

Compared to conventional AI, the ADAGOS parsimonious neural network platform, named NeurEco©, requires a fraction of the resources and extends the battery life.  The objective is to predict the stability of a grasp through a deep learning method. The dataset contains several experiments that consist of grasping the ball, shaking it for a while, while computing a grasp robustness (which is the variation of the distance between the palm and the ball during the shake). The dataset is annotated with an ...

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Loire-Atlantique : pour ses 90 ans, CISN joue la carte de l'innovation

15 January 2021 00:01 - A SUIVRE SUR L’USINE DIGITALE


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P3 Logistic Parks cible l'Hexagone

15 January 2021 00:01 - A SUIVRE SUR L’USINE DIGITALE

Immobilier - ...

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Regroupés, les HLM élargissent leurs terrains de jeu

15 January 2021 00:01 - A SUIVRE SUR L’USINE DIGITALE

Bailleurs sociaux - Plus de 350 organismes ont dû se réunir avant le 1 janvier. Ils revoient leurs ambitions à la hausse et réinventent leur modèle. ...

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La Fnaim propose d'étendre le Denormandie dans l'ancien à toutes les passoires thermiques

14 January 2021 16:53 - A SUIVRE SUR L’USINE DIGITALE

La Fnaim juge insuffisants les dispositifs d'accompagnement à la rénovation énergétique des logements, notamment MaPrime Renov'. Pour permettre aux bailleurs de rénover davantage, elle présente une série de propositions, dont la création d’un nouvel instrument contractuel la « Vente en l’état futur de rénovation », assorti d’une réorientation pour le Denormandie dans l’ancien, vers l’ensemble du parc de logements étiquetés F et G. ...

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Bureaux, commerces, logistique : quelles tendances pour 2021 ?

14 January 2021 13:47 - A SUIVRE SUR L’USINE DIGITALE

Attrait des investisseurs pour les actifs logistiques, attentisme dans le bureau et rationalisation de l'immobilier commercial. Selon le broker Knight Frank, la pandémie du covid-19 a rebattu les cartes de l'immobilier d'entreprise en 2020 et aura des répercussions importantes au cours des prochaines années. ...

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Logement : le seuil d’indécence énergétique fixé à 450 kWh/

13 January 2021 12:42 - A SUIVRE SUR L’USINE DIGITALE

Un décret publié ce 13 janvier établit le plafond de consommation d'énergie finale qu'un logement devra respecter en France métropolitaine à partir de 2023 pour être qualifié de décent. En pratique, les logements affichant un diagnostic de performance G ne pourront plus être mis en location... ...

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