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Les Forges Numériques
Parc des Forges - 5 rue Hannah Arendt
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Based in Strasbourg, dDruid is the expert in IoT applications. The company, publisher of SaaS solutions, has created the ultimate tool to enable companies to harness the power of the IoT: the IoT Magic Builder platform.
Combining the agility of a startup with the serenity of a well-established ecosystem, dDruid offers expertise and an innovative approach to successfully implement ambitious IoT projects.

Its platform, developed since 2019, makes it possible to create tailor-made IoT applications in a few clicks, by configuration. Integrating with all systems, it centralizes al the data needed to develop new digital services or to manage internal processes of each company.


  • End-to-end solutions
  • Software
  • IoT Integration

Company Activitys

  • Energy / Utilities
  • Industry / Manufacturing
  • Smart Territory

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