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91090 LISSES
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Integrator, distributor and representative of components, wireless modules, electronic boards, screens and industrial PC and automation subsystems.
The result of the merger of Syscom Electronique, Prorep, CDIS, 6TA, Aptech and BF Display, the Syscom-Prorep group distributes a wide range of innovative solutions to industrial companies designing equipment with a high technological content.

With more than 30 years of experience, Syscom-Prorep has a real expertise in the fields of wireless communications, displays, sub-assemblies for kiosk applications,
lithium batteries, video transport solutions...

With a turnover of more than 28M€, an integration workshop and a logistics center based in Lisses (91) and a member of the SPDEI trade union, the Syscom-Prorep organization, with its fifty or so employees, meets the most demanding criteria of the profession.

Driven by a passion for technology, the Syscom-Prorep teams select suppliers who bring real innovations to their market.


  • Hardware components
  • Networks and connectivity
  • Robotic / Cobotic Integration

Company Activitys

  • Industry / Manufacturing
  • Mobility / Transport
  • Supply chain / Logistics

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