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Red Lion is focused on being THE Industrial Data Company™. We empower industrial organizations around the world to unlock the value of data by developing and manufacturing innovative products and solutions to access, connect and visualize their information. Red Lion's global manufacturing and support facilities serve customers in factory automation, alternative energy, oil and gas, power and utilities, transportation, water and wastewater industry segments. We provide scalable solutions for cloud connectivity, edge intelligence and asset management, industrial Ethernet switches and industry leading panel meters and operator panels, to make it easy for companies to gain real-time data visibility that drives productivity. Red Lion is part of Spectris plc, the experts in providing insight through precision measurement

With the Edge Automation platform FlexEdge® industrial companies realize flexible Edge Automation solutions for their OT-IT applications. The platform is a combined hardware & software solution and offers devices with router functions, modular gateways and scalable edge controllers with expandable I/O modules and PID controllers for data acquisition and digitization.
The core is Crimson® software, which includes drivers for over 300 industrial protocols for more than 1000 combinations, up to 19 protocols are converted simultaneously. The software offers an intuitive interface for linking and creating key figures, as well as monitoring, recording, converting and visualizing data. The connection to IT is done via IT protocols like MQTT, OPC UA, FTP etc. directly into the cloud or to a local server/On Premise.
The FlexEdge® hardware offers ability to connect mulitple generations and multiple brands technologies together. 3 flexible slots, so-called "Sleds" are available for WiFi, Bluetooth and mobile radio.
The exchangeable slots ensure easy adaptation to future technologies, the platform is 5G ready and can be exchanged on site while the ap


  • Security / Cybersecurity
  • Networks and connectivity
  • New Human-Machine Interfaces

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  • Aerospace / Defence / Security
  • Industry / Manufacturing
  • Digital Infrastructure

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